Ancient Brazen Lodge Diary

DateLodgeDegree / EventTimeInformation
9th October 2019Ancient Brazen1st Degree7.30pm TyleExemplification Degree
23th October 2019Ancient Brazen2nd Degree7.30pm TyleExemplification Degree
13th November 2019Ancient BrazenPast Masters
3rd Degree
7.30pm TyleNominations, elections and Past Masters Degree (Exemplification)
27th November 2019Ancient Brazen1st Degree7.30pm Tyle
11th December 2019Ancient Brazen2nd Degree7.30pm Tyle
8th January 2019Ancient Brazen3rd Degree7.30pm Tyle
22rd January 2019Ancient BrazenTBC7.30pm Tyle
8th February 2019Ancient BrazenAnnual Installation2.00pm Tyle
12th February 2019Ancient BrazenTBC7.30pm Tyle
26th February 2019Ancient BrazenTBC7.30pm Tyle
11th March 2019Ancient BrazenTBC7.00pm Tyle
25th March 2019Ancient BrazenTBC7.30pm Tyle
8th April 2019Ancient BrazenTBC7.30pm Tyle
22th April 2019Ancient BrazenTBC7.30pm Tyle

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  1. My father Alexander Fowler Stevenson joined the Lodge in 1972. He died last week and I came across some of his documents. Was he still an active member. Many thanks.

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